Legal service is a business like any other, with its own set of pros and cons.  This is why we at MLC are here to let you in on all the insider info. Read on to find out what a lawyer may never tell you.

  1. Lawyers are not generalists 😕

It’s impossible for lawyers to know all the laws thoroughly enough to suit every case. . The  specific technical/on-ground knowledge required for each case exists only with the lawyers who specialise in that field in their practice. Most lawyers work in a specific niche, for example, M&A, Property Disputes, Divorce Lawyer, etc., which an ordinary person may not be able to tell. Therefore, it is important and smarter to reach out to someone who can connect you to a specialist in your legal requirement.

  1. You don’t always have to ‘see people in the court’ 😎

A court case seems like the obvious next step in resolving a legal dispute, but it doesn’t have to be. There are alternative ways to settle, which can be cheaper, easier, faster, and yes, fully legally recognised! Often, due to a lack of training, infrastructure, and newness, it is not offered as an option to clients. It is called Alternate Dispute Resolution (ADR), and it includes variations of a legal negotiation with the addition of attorneys representing each side, sometimes before a judge. Psst… this is mostly used by big companies and firms to settle disputes because it simply works better. Ask your lawyer if they are formally trained in ADR for your case!

  • Oops, you landed on a Rookie! 😬

No lawyer will ever tell you whether they are good or bad. So, it is important to determine whether a particular lawyer is perfect for a client. New lawyers usually train under senior lawyers first and sometimes can be as good as their experienced counterparts, but that may not always be the case. You need someone to ensure that the lawyer you depend on has the RIGHT experience for the job. Because even an experienced lawyer with the wrong field training can lead you to a messy finish.

  1. Sorry, what more than the Legal Fees? 🤔

Legal cases are an infamously pricey business. Often, lawyers charge clients a hefty fee way above the mere hourly fees, which includes other sundry & non-sundry miscellaneous costs like processing fees, hidden commissions, appearance costs etc. So what often looks like just “legal fees” is a kaleidoscope of many secret additions, giving the final number its bad reputation. Clarifying the full lawyer’s fees upfront is the most effective way to avoid any regrets later. Remember to be straightforward, clear and thorough with your questions while keeping in mind that the closest accurate number is probably a range depending on your case.

  1. Affordability is a Luxury 🤑

Often, additional expenses, whether big or small such as copying and faxing or hiring additional experts on a specific matter or undertaking other activities to conduct extra inquiries or get evidence, becomes a headache and involves various forms and types of fees and commissions. It is, therefore, crucial to discuss and understand what the case might include on both the lawyer’s and the client’s parts. Since it differs for each case, the client really has to be completely invested & involved in the process so that every transaction is with your knowledge and no move is a surprise. Liked our Part One of the article? Then spread this rare knowledge and make sure you like, share & subscribe to stay tuned for part two @MLC, which will be out soon!